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Connect Culture members visit ‘I need a Holiday Too’

at the water edge

reblogged from Connect Culture website

We decided to visit Brittany after hearing all about I need a holiday too. They had kindly offered a top prize to the Moving On Young Disabled Students video competition.

None of us drive and Jacqui and Carl agreed to hire a mini van for us to drive us around. We took Brittany Ferry crossing over from Portsmouth International Ferry Port & Terminal

Tip for wheelchair users using public transport – taxis in Portsmouth use telescopic ramps (with 2 planks/ramps – I hate those) which I find scary! Better to take the local bus no 700 or 20.

We had booked accessible cabins but they are on the small side! They do come with en suite bathrooms and television.


It was cocktails on board – there was a mixture of family entertainment by a magician and comedian. But we were all tired and the gentle rocking of the boat made sure we slept through the night.

The wait to get off the boat the next day was looong! We had to wait for the right ramp and the accessible van.

Carl came to pick us up at St Malo. We stopped at a supermarket to pick up supplies: fruit, vegetables, eggs, wine, cheese, charcuterie, fish, yoghurts and brioche! When we arrived at the house, we sorted our rooms and rested, and had a quiet but delicious meal!

We went off to a stroll around La Roche Derrien following the river right next to the house.

The next few days we went out to visit different beaches in the near vicinity – they were all very different and had some splendid meals in restaurants some of which were recommended by Jacqui.


and of course the whole trip was made stress free because Jacqui and Carl were very accomodating and had the equipment needed for us (even a ‘hospital’ bed for me)sked Jacqui I asked her why she thinks people should want to visit her –

It was time for us to leave and on the ferry we were happy to know we could access the deck

Here is Carl saying goodbye to us before we set off home


Thank you Jacqui and Carl for a great restful holiday!


Meeting Greg Cowan and a conveyor belt lunch with Zara

I have now my very own key card to the Hub, Kings Cross. It gives me a base in London to do some work and meet people.  It was here that I met up with Gregory Cowan Рsomeone introduced to me from Scott Rains networking for inclusive tourism, Tour Watch. Greg, based now in Kings Cross, London, recently completed a VSO development posting, developing architecture teacher training for secure livelihoods in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. He is an architect interested in cross-cultural architectural awareness and universal/inclusive design among other things.

We met because I wanted his architectural expertise to cast an eye on my apartment project, to use inclusive design principles and mainstream products to construct an accessible home. This would not just be accessible – I want to blend in my own experiences in living in different parts of the world to construct a space that would help others when they are looking to build their own homes. I am not sure how I can be Zen like minimalist but bring in my Malaysian and Chinese backgrounds – with French influences and also carve out a work space, a living space for relaxing, watching films and playing with a wii that I intend to get to do exercise with.

All that and achieve a welcoming environment for friends and my children to visit. A place to entertain and do some cooking again. All packed into a 2 bedroom flat/apartment with a brick balcony. This is why I need Greg’s help.

With Greg Cowan

With Greg Cowan

At lunch time, Zara and I (with my PA, Samilia) went to check out a Yo Sushi bar at StPancras station. I knew the station would be accessible, being new, but not sure if they accommodated wheelchair users who cannot perch on the bar stools. There were 2 normal tables and I initiated Zara to her first ever conveyor belt sushi experience – even if she doesn’t eat sushi, being a vegetarian. It was fun but not cheap. Japanese food is never cheap.

But I was exhilarated at the prospects of our new project together. I will go more into details if it ever comes to fruition.

at Yo sushi with Zara

at Yo sushi with Zara

Yo sushi ( there are other branches all over London) is at :

Unit 27, The Circle
St. Pancras Station
London, NW1 2QP

Sat: 11:30am-9pm

Last orders 1 hour before closing time

Accessible toilet at the station (no need for RADAR key for once)